Graveyard Dirt - Shadows Of Old Ghosts review


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Band: Graveyard Dirt
Album: Shadows Of Old Ghosts
Release date: 2007

01. Rise...Fallen Skies
02. Tearless Lament
03. Gathering Storm




Recording line-up:
Paul Leyden: Vocals
Kieran O'Toole: Guitar
David Reilly: Guitar & Keyboard
Gary Sweeney: Drums

Bass parts by David/Kieran

Graveyard Dirt was formed as long ago as 1994 and released a three-track demo in 1995 after signing to German label Ars Metalli in 1996/97 the band split up in 1997/98 only to be reformed in 2005 and have now come up with a 34 minute long ep.

Ever longed back to the days when Anathema played great majestic doom/death and not some derivative sort of alternative rock pop inspired by Pink Floyd? Well, then you needn't read any further, just go out and buy this Shadows Of Old Ghosts ep. Yes, like I read in another review, when listening to this three song ep you will get the feeling that you're listening to the missing tracks of Anathema's Crestfallen release.
But saying that Graveyard Dirt is a 100% Darren White-era Anathema is selling this Irish band short. Sure, early Anathema has been a clear inspiration to these four guys from the Emerald Isles, but other sources of inspiration can also be heard, a bit of old Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride, but also a bit of Officium Triste. Though these bands are probably the biggest inspiration to them there is a clear sense of Celticness to Graveyard Dirt's doom/death as well, vocals which at times are reminiscent of Primordial's Alan Nemtheanga and a guitar tone which comes mighty close to that of Gary Moore on his Wild Frontier album.
All three songs are characterised by a great structure, strong sense of melody and subdued beauty waiting to reveal itself to the listener. This is masterfully enhanced by a top notch production done by the band themselves, accentuating the parts that are most important at that time in the song.
A great example of these characteristics is closer Gathering Storm which starts as if a storm is truly gathering and then builds up to the height of the storm which is depicted by one of the most beautiful guitar solos which I have heard in years in this genre. But the culmination of the solo is not the end of Gathering Storm, nope, just like when a storm dies down here too the listener is offered that moment of total peacefulness where nature comes to terms with itself in almost deafening near-silence. What a way to end a highly promising ep, leaving me behind in awe.

In conclusion it is safe to say that Graveyard Dirt consists of great musicians with a keen sense of song writing, arrangement and production. It is a shame they have only recently reformed and not way earlier.
No, come on labels; sign this band and get them to record a full-length debut as soon as possible and get them out on tour with like-minded bands such as Primordial, Mourning Beloveth, Officium Triste. And doom festivals such as Doom Shall Rise and Dutch Doom Days can't go wrong with programming this band.

Now, if you will, please let me get back into these shadows of old ghosts and let me once again enjoy those gathering storms.

Written by Marcel Hubregtse | 27.01.2008



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27.01.2008 - 18:09
Marcel Hubregtse
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Written by Marcel Hubregtse on 27.01.2008 at 18:09

hail the Irish

LOL, hail Thin Lizzy and no other Irish band!

Shameful Marcel, just shameful, stooping to self-promotion here, not that you've done it before
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I'm agree with ur opinion

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