Destinity - The Inside
12 February 2008

01. My Senseless Theory
02. Murder Within
03. Thing I Will Never Feel
04. Still Remember
05. A Thousand Falling Skies
06. Inhuman Corrosive Report
07. Ready To Leave
08. Enemy Process
09. Escaping Reality
10. The Inside

Releases after releases, Destinity is becoming one of the most important and attractive band of the French Metal scene. Of course, when we talk about French Metal a lot of people think first about Gojira, Benighted or Nightmare but it will be a big mistake now to forget the name of one of the most original combo from the country. That's simple "The Inside" is without any doubt their best release but it's above all a great album of Technical Death Metal. The revolution is working Destinity must become famous now!

"The Inside" is a lovely album of melodic Death Metal. We're not in front of a new band which tries to plays some kind of Gothenburg Death, the music of Destinity is a lot more complex, violent and technical even if of course we have a lot of great melodic tunes here. "The Inside" is composed of real blasting songs, sometime hyper technical (we're not so far away of Progressive stuff) sometime epic with some amazing symphonic choruses (don't worry; they're not doing some kind of Nightwish or Dimmu Borgir music and actually this is now just a matter of background sounds, it was a lot more present on the previous albums…). Now I'm already hearing the fans of old school Death Metal who claim that it's not Death Metal, well actually this is modern music that's right but Destinity is violent and not commercial, it's intelligent Metal and I really like the fact that the songs are all different. "My Senseless Theory" is the perfect mix between Death Metal and Thrash when "Enemy Process" is a lot more Heavy Metal and technical in its spirit, with some "galactic" keyboards lines a la Ayreon! The riffs are pure blasts and the drums are just incredible. This album is catchy as hell but original too (Destinity is unique, you'll see…) and I'm sure in the end that all the metalheads (if they're a bit open minded) will like "The Inside".

Recorded and mixed at Hansen studio by Jacob and Michael Hansen, the sound of "The Inside" is simply perfect. When you add a classy cover and of course some really impressive performances by all the musicians, it's hard to find anything wrong in this album. In my opinion "The Inside" is the best album produced by this combo and this is the release which will launch them into the world of the classy and famous Metal bands. Original and fresh, the Death Metal of Destinity is classy and you'll not have the right to miss this album (if you're into old school Death or not, that's the same…).

"The Inside" is the album of the confirmation. This release is an amazing album of complex original and intelligent Death Metal. Maybe that you didn't know the name of Destinity until today, but now you'll have to fix this mistake or you'll be cursed by the gods of Metal! Don't wait anymore and have a look on this excellent album. The revolution is working; France is finally a real Metal country now, thank to the bands like Destinity which prove that we can write good music here too!

Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Production: 9

Band profile: Destinity
Album: The Inside


written by Jeff | 12.02.2008


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Dane Train - 13.02.2008 at 15:54  
This sounds like a really interesting album, I am going out to find it.
PrettyMao - 13.02.2008 at 16:23  
What a co-inky-dink, I was just listening to my Synthetic Existence album this morning thinking "I wonder when their next album will be coming out" and lo and behold here it is!

I'll be getting this one for sure!

Jeff, so far I have really enjoyed most of the French metal bands you have introduced here at metalstorm... keep it up!
MetalManic - 13.02.2008 at 16:49  
Class! That's what it's all about
MetalManic - 13.02.2008 at 16:50  
Written by PrettyMao on 13.02.2008 at 16:23
Jeff, so far I have really enjoyed most of the French metal bands you have introduced here at metalstorm... keep it up!

I couldn't agree more. Artefact and Gojira!!!!! WOW!!!
Talvi - 13.02.2008 at 17:00  
Well, at least France has some very nice metal bands, unlike Spain that has very few worthwhile ones.
b0000mst1ck - 13.02.2008 at 17:42  
just checked out the tracks on these guys' myspace, and i must say...wow. just...wow.
PrettyMao - 13.02.2008 at 18:12  
Written by MetalManic on 13.02.2008 at 16:50

I couldn't agree more. Artefact and Gojira!!!!! WOW!!!

I can't get enough of Furia's Un Lac De Larmes Et De Sang... It's fucking genius!
Marcus - 22.02.2008 at 06:45  
This is really a very good album, I like it
Thordelan - 04.04.2008 at 08:46  
Definitely their best release, ace.
Passe - 07.07.2008 at 04:00  
Simply the most impressive french release all metal styles I've ever listened to.

I didn't know that band before and I'm very surprised of the quality of this album, the production is good, catchy blasts, a mix of different styles with a progressive touch without felling into a borring music. Good modern Death Metal.
Thordelan - 04.10.2008 at 18:18  
Written by Passe on 07.07.2008 at 04:00

Simply the most impressive french release all metal styles I've ever listened to.

Maybe you should listen to some other French bands then because as much as I like this album, they are still better French bands/albums in my opinion.
Burning Winter - 19.01.2010 at 20:32  
I'm not realy into death metal, but this is the first one I was able to get into! Impressive work .

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