Nailed - Hatred, Failure & The Extinction Of Mankind review


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Band: Nailed
Album: Hatred, Failure & The Extinction Of Mankind
Release date: November 2008

01. Requiem For A Dying Sun
02. Rupture Savior
03. Tranquilities Abortion
04. Structures For The Despised
05. Hatred, Failure & The Extinction Of Mankind
06. Penetrate To Humiliate
07. Circle Of Decay
08. Ritual Abuse

Nailed is a band that plays rather straight-forward brutal death metal. We all know that this particular sub-genre of death metal is not notorious for its innovation or originality; however, for a band to gain any sort of recognition, I feel that their music should distinguish itself at least a little bit from that of their many rivals. The guys from Nailed seem to be aware of this as they try to mix things up a little bit on their latest album Hatred, Failure & The Extinction Of Mankind; however, their ambitions are met only half way. The result is an album with occasional memorable passages that will nevertheless largely appeal solely to total fanatics of the brutal death metal style and nobody else.

Some songs on Hatred, Failure & The Extinction Of Mankind feature little bits and pieces that sound quite interesting for the genre. "Structures For The Despised" recalls recent Deicide with its melodic lead that counters the otherwise standard brutal structure of the song. "Penetrate To Humiliate" actually features what sounds to me like Voivod inspired breaks, which is a particularly welcome element to the music on this album. Nailed are also not bad at including chaotic solos that nevertheless sound appropriate to the mood and direction of their music. Unfortunately, the album is produced rather clinically, which doesn't allow for any dynamics at all. The drummer seems to be hitting frying pans and chess boards, the guitar player seems to be using elastic bands for strings and the vocalist only ever hits that one note. I suppose to fanatics of the style who only want to hear pig squeals over the sounds of a barbecue, this will be quite appealing; however, it is better to have a more varied diet.

Hatred, Failure & The Extinction Of Mankind is a mediocre album with rare moments of interest. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone but those addicted to pork chops prepared in only that one, particular way. Meanwhile, I think I'll go have some pasta now...


Written on 24.05.2008 by With Metal Storm since 2002, jupitreas has been subjecting the masses to his reviews for quite a while now. He lives in Warsaw, Poland, where he does his best to avoid prosecution for being so cool.


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24.05.2008 - 14:35
Child of Hell
I can't find torrent of this CD...can anybody help me please ??...I rather listen to it downloaded from the internet and then if it'll be a good CD for me I buy this one !
24.05.2008 - 15:05
hi-fi / lo-life
no, certainly nobody on this website is going to help you steal this album!!!
if you want a sneak peak go to the band's myspace page...
24.05.2008 - 15:09
Child of Hell
oh, yeah...thanks man...I totally forgot that myspace is still living !...sorry for inconvenience...and I think I'll buy this CD...sounds good !
24.05.2008 - 18:56
You should use irc, much better then torrents.

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