Dissenter - Furor Arma Ministrat review


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Band: Dissenter
Album: Furor Arma Ministrat
Website: http://www.dissenter.prv.pl
Release date: 2005

01. Inferno
02. Lava Of Hatred
03. The Earth Turns Into Hell
04. The Ashes Of Temples
05. Suffering Sent In Mercy
06. Admired Masterpiece
07. Mournful Altar
08. Death's Sacrament
09. Legion Of Darkness
10. Never Underestimate

Today I'm reviewing the re-release version of "Furor Arma Ministrat", the fourth album of Dissenter (which was called Bloodbath in the past). Even if they're not the most famous band from Poland, Dissenter is a respected band of the country which is active since the beginning of the 90's. Don't expect anything special or new with this release, Dissenter simply plays Brutal Death and even if they're good to do it, this album will not be a fresh new discovery for the fans of the genre.

One more time it will be hard for me to blame this release. I mean that "Furor Arma Ministrat" is a solid album of Brutal Death Metal. For sure you'll be able to listen to frenetic Drums beats, aggressive riffs and strong Death vocals. The band even plays (and that's the great point of the album) some really descent technical guitars soli. Even if "Furor Arma Ministrat" is heavy, loud and brutal, there is on all the songs some part of technicality which are really interesting. On the other hand "Furor Arma Ministrat" is classic as hell and we've heard it all before if you see what I mean. The songs pass and this feeling remains, Dissenter is a good band but this album is really similar to a ton of other releases. No, you'll not hear anything bad here, if you like to listen to Brutal Death of course, but you'll not discover anything new too…

"Furor Arma Ministrat" is perfectly produced and it's a chance for the band to be re-released by Metal Mind. At least now, a lot of people will be able to listen to the album. But this release is for the fans of the bands or the fans of the genre. The other people will not find anything special or new which could change their mind. Really it's hard to criticize "Furor Arma Ministrat" but it's so common and so classic that I cannot talk about masterpiece too… In the end I can only talk about average music, not because it's badly done or not catchy but because it's simply basic and repetitive…

If you're a fan of classic Brutal Death Metal and if you have missed "Furor Arma Ministrat" in 2005, you can still check this re-release version. As you know, don't expect anything new or special here but the band is a good performer and even if it's brutal you'll be able to listen to good technical parts in the music. This is not a must be if you want to listen to good Brutal Death, you can go for "Furor Arma Ministrat".

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 28.05.2008


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