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Pure Inc - Parasites & Worms review


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Band: Pure Inc
Album: Parasites & Worms
Release date: 2008

01. The End
02. Evenmore
03. Serenade Of Agression
04. Carrie's Alone
05. Drowning In Your Blood
06. Darkened Glow
07. Home
08. Raise Hell
09. Dead Calling
10. Immigrant Song [Limited Edition bonus]
11. Won't Get Back
12. The Last Remaining Song
13. One Minute On Earth [Limited Edition bonus]

Pure Inc. is like good wine, with time it's getting better. You probably still don't know this band from Switzerland, but in that case I can tell you that it's a big mistake, and I will let you know why through this review. "Parasite And Worms" their third release is a pearl, a little jewel of modern Hard Rock mixed with Alternative music and Grunge. Seriously, you're just in front of a killer and I hope, really, that you'll give a chance to this combo and help them to become a legend!

First let's describe a bit the music of Pure Inc.. One more time the band plays a great melodic Hard Rock clearly influenced by US Rock/Metal, this is melodic not really violent of course but still with big heavy riffs that we can compare to the ones of Black Label Society. On the other hand, the melodic part of the music in addition of the voice of Gianni Pontillo gives a little exciting Alternative/Grunge orientation that some of you will probably compare to Audioslave or Soundgarden. This is not a mistake, those influences are real but it doesn't mean (and you'll quickly see it) that Pure Inc. is a poor copycat. Really the band has a lot of personality and if the two previous albums were already really good, "Parasite And Worms" is just top-notch. The new album simply features eleven (thirteen if you have the digipack) mega hits. I can give you titles if you want but really it will be useless because all the songs of this release are amazing. They're all catchy with great melodies, superb choruses that you'll sing during the whole day and one more time the voice of Gianni is just outstanding… If you like US Rock, if you're into Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Black Label Society and even Led Zeppelin, this album is a must! Plus when you add that you can even find a cover of "Immigrant Song" on the digipack version of the album plus a really cool (and probably parodic) Gothenburg/Metalcore (yes they can do it without any problem…) track called "One Minute On Earth" to finish the album, I can tell you that nothing is missing here.

Even if everything seems to be perfect (and it is perfect of course) it wasn't easy for Pure Inc. to release the album. You know sometime music business is not so cool and the guys were totally forgotten and pushed out of their previous label which means that they didn't have all the help that they deserved to release this album. Add the departure of their bassist Andreas Gentner and it was not fun to do this album… But in the end, was it so problematic? Apparently not because the band has find the way to record this album in their own home-studio and the result is near of the perfection. When you know that they think that they will have better means of productions for the next album, it's just mega promising. "Parasite And Worms" is excellent, and if I must finish this review I will just talk a bit about the musicians. Honestly everything is limpid, they're all great performers but Gianni is just outstanding one more time. His magical Rock voice give shivers, he is without any doubt one of the best singers of the whole Metal/Rock scene and if you think that Jorn Lande or Chris Cornel are the best, then you'll have to add the name of Gianni near of them… We're in the same category, the category of the champions.

What can I add? I think that everything was said here, "Parasite And Worms" is the album of the year in the Hard Rock/Rock category for me. This is well done, intelligent, deep and emotive with classy musicians and singer, this is just the "crème of the crème"… Listen to me folks and don't miss this album if you pretend to like Rock and good music. "Parasite And Worms" is a masterpiece a must for all the fans of great Rock. Buy it or perish in the flames of Hell!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 16.09.2008



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16.09.2008 - 16:35
"Buy it or perish in the flames of Hell!"

16.09.2008 - 16:38
Holy shit man, this is good. And the vocals? Wow. Thanks for the review
16.09.2008 - 16:41
Freaky Admin
Haha cool that you like it

This band deserves to be know!

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Come with us to Hellfest 2011!
17.09.2008 - 04:38
Burning Winter
Wow... I usually dont really listen to Hard-rock but this band is god damn good!!!!
We just have one life... SO LISTEN TO METAL!!!!
19.10.2008 - 22:41
Really cool band!!! good recommendation jeff!
alive in the superunknown
09.06.2009 - 19:41
Ag Fox
Angel No More
Great Hard Rock indeed, but the cover art of worms is absolutely revolting and I think it did prevent me from trying out the album sooner =/
loves 小巫

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