Abinaya - Corps review


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Band: Abinaya
Album: Corps
Release date: 2009

01. Corps
02. Enfant d'Orient
03. L'Homme Libre
04. Regarder le Ciel
05. Algo Mais (Quelque Chose de Plus)
06. Les Labels
07. Testament
08. Les Chars de Police
09. Partir Puis Revenir
10. La Mort des Amants
11. Résiste

Coming from France, Abinaya is the last signature of a partnership between Brennus and Replica Records. Abinaya cannot be completely labeled as a real Metal band, their rock influences being too big but some parts of their music are Metal and some aficionados (especially the French ones) will find a real interest in this release… This is probably not a CD for all the metalheads but if you like heavy Rock, have a look at it after all maybe that you'll have some good surprises.

The most I listen to "Corps", the most I think that some songs are real hits. At first I just believed that this release was completely outdated and simply sounded "old". Maybe that some of you know all our old school French bands and I thought that Abinaya was just one of those bands who want to do some kind of revival music… This is simply not the case; "Corps" features French lyrics right but the music is not old school French Heavy Metal but more some kind of angry French Rock. I think that a comparison with Noir Desir (one of the most famous French Rock band) is not stupid, the two bands are pretty similar but Abinaya has also some real Metal roots and some songs for example have double bass drums percussions. Talking about percussions we have also Djembe, on all the tracks, which gives a nice "tribal" spirit to the music. Ok, "Corps" is not a real Metal album but in the Rock category this is a really good release and some songs like "L'Homme Libre" or "Regarder Le Ciel" are pure radio hits. I think that people who use to listen to Noir Desir like metalheads can love this release no doubt.

The album is well produced and the digipack is really cool and professional. The voice of Igor is not particularly beautiful but extremely charismatic and deep (like the one of Bertrand Cantat…). Abinaya is not particularly technical but the members are all good musicians. All in all, in the genre, the music is solid and I even liked some songs… me, who is clearly not into French Rock… This is probably a good sign right? Note finally that the lyrics in French are extremely engaged, some people will like it, some other will simply hate it, this is just a matter of taste and opinion but at least this is well written.

"Corps" is perfect for the aficionados of the French Rock scene. I hope that the band will get a real exposure in this scene because this is simply better than 98% of the famous bands who play in this category. Not sure that the French metalheads will like this release but if you want to listen to other things have a look at it. After all "Corps" is not a bad album, just try it then…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 15.03.2009


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