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Nargaroth - Black Metal Ist Krieg (A Dedication Monument) review


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Band: Nargaroth
Album: Black Metal Ist Krieg (A Dedication Monument)
Release date: 2001

01. Intro
02. Black Metal Ist Krieg
03. Far Beyond The Stars [Azhubham Haani cover]
04. Seven Tears Are Flowing To The River
05. I Burn For You [Lord Foul cover]
06. The Day Burzum Killed Mayhem
07. Pisen Pro Satana [Root cover]
08. Amarok - Zorn Des Lammes Part III
09. Erik, May You Rape The Angels
10. The Gates Of Eternity [Moonblood cover]
11. Possessed By Black Fucking Metal

"Black meeeeethuuul ist KRIIIIIEG!" is the famous meme or rather a famous statement screamed by hordes of black metal warriors worldwide that found its way into an actual album title. That, or the meme started after the album was released. Either way, Nargaroth's 2001 offering pays a true homage to its title, glorifying black metal to no end, and doing so through a collection of very satisfying tracks.

Lo and behold, the album kicks off with "Black Metal Ist Krieg", a track guaranteed to bring out your inner frostbitten warrior with its ridiculously fast drums, frantic riffs and Kanwulf screaming his throat, lungs and even prostate off. What follows after this, however, can be described more as a compilation than a coherent album. But it works, really... As childish as it may be, the album was intended as a tribute to all the suicidal, sociopathic teens from Scandinavia that brought black metal to life, and it is reflected not only in the lyrics, but by the very feel of the music itself. It is cold, hateful and evil, but frequently quite tragic and lethargic.

This album/compilation contains 4 covers from bands I'm not ever sure exist (other than Moonblood), which are mostly
mid-tempo, rockish kind of black metal. Catchy and dirty would be the words to describe them. "Amarok - Zorn Des Lammes III" and "Seven Tears Are Flowing To The River" represent the more atmospheric/melancholic side of this release through mid to slow tempo, slightly Burzum-esque style. Finally, "The Day As Burzum Killed Mayhem", "Erik, May You Rape The Angels" and "Possessed By Black Fucking Metal" are full-blown anthems to black metal, three furious, relentless assaults on your ears that hold nothing back.

If you can stomach this concept of a semi-compilation, rather than an actual album, and don't mind turning the clock back to where it
all started for black metal, I see no reason why you shouldn't enjoy this one. Kanwulf's shrieks can be a bit too loud and forced in the
mix at times, simplistic songwriting and repetitiveness can be off-putting for some, but these cons are minor compared to the pros. If you need further recommendations, "The Day As Burzum Killed Mayhem" and "Seven Tears Are Flowing To The River" are some of the finer tracks I had the pleasure of hearing from this genre (not to brag, but that means something). Nothing too special or earth-shattering to be found here: just some über-kvlt black metal done well.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 5
Production: 8

Written by Slayer666 | 07.11.2011


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07.11.2011 - 20:42
I apologize for the spacing problem, there was something about the tags that caused this mess.
Won't be too much of a problem to read, I hope (as if anyone reads my reviews anyway).
07.11.2011 - 20:45
Carl Berg
Carl Berg
Good review. "Seven Tears Are Flowing To The River" is actually a quite decent black metal track, it stands out from the rest of the album as the only song that has an actual atmosphere. For me it's the only real highlight of the album. On the other hand, Nargaroth's 2011 release shows a huge improvement from this 2001 album, and in my opinion that is far more worthy to be called a "black metal" album. But that's another story Well written dude.

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