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My vocabulary isn't real big but I will try to have a quick synapse or two about each album. Help is appreciated and correct me if I am wrong.

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Nux Vomica
Yarns of Norna

Created by: tea[m]ster | 08.02.2014

1. Alaskan - Despair, Erosion, Loss
(atmospheric sludge metal) Their best release yet. Notes that create moods of anguish and up lifting, crushing massive walls of sound filled with verve. 4.0 ↓
2. Alcest - Shelter
(post rock/shoegaze metal) Is this even metal? Who cares. Beautiful and transient odes by the indistinguishable mastermind Neige. 3.9 ↑
3. Allochiria - Omonoia
(post/psychedelic metal) Terrific mixture of post/psychedelic metal and female vox. Obscure Sphinx comparisons are inevitable. Go read R'Vanniths review. 4.8 ↑
4. Coffinworm - IV.I.VIII
(blackened death/doom) A conundrum of chaotic, dark and brutal death metal. Tempo and time changes ensure all these twisted elements compliment and play nice with each other. 4.8 ↑
5. Crosses -
(alternative/electronic/art rock) Another Chino side project. Electro-pop in the same vain as NIN and The Cure. He is getting blasted for this but I dig it. 3.5 -
6. Dirge - Hyperion
(post/sludge/doom) Yes I'm a fanboy but a contender for 2014 AOTY. Crisper production and guest musicians (even a female vox) shake things up a bit. 4.9 ↑
7. Dum Dum Girls - Too True
(indie pop/dream pop/noise) '80s alternative feel, I love bone-jarring music but this is a nice change of pace. Sleek and lo-fi, try this for something nostalgic. 3.9 ↓
8. Elysion - Someplace Better
(alt rock/gothic metal) Guilty pleasure. Sometimes I need cheesy, radio friendly, over-produced mid-tempo songs. Oh, and her voice is great. 4.3 ↑
9. Ethereal Riffian - Aeonian
(psych/stoner/doom) Thinking man's music with some great riffs and a few groove metal moments. 4 songs, over 40 minutes of music. Buckle up. 3.5 ↓
10. Fjort - D'Accord
(post hardcore/screamo/crustpunk) Something from this genre I can actually stand ; The vocals are usually the turn-off. Not so here. Delectable riffage and cohesive sound production are additives for success from this little German band. 4.0 -
11. Have A Nice Life - The Unnatural World
(avantgarde/noise/experimental) Hazy, metallic and droning. Versatile shoegazing at its rawest. Very different for me...and addicting. 3.8 -
12. Helms Alee - Sleepwalking Sailors
(alternative/grunge/sludge) Hard to classify. Melodic yet perplexing, distinctive female vox outline moody songs filled with raw energy and harmony 3.6 -
13. Impure Wilhelmina - Black Honey
(post/sludge/alternative) Sludgy post metal with actual melodies. Clean and harsh vox, nice production. Reminds me of Hum and City Of Ships. 4.5 ↑
14. Junius - Days Of The Fallen Sun
(alternative/post rock) Still unique and ambitious but doesn't have the same, rich production as their previous release, the widely acclaimed RFTToD. 3.6 -
15. Lacuna Coil - Broken Crown Halo
(gothic metal) Ever since I heard "Swamped" during the ending credits of "Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines" I have been a huge fan. Not their best release to date - maybe their "mystique" is wearing off a bit - it is still solid enough for me. Cristina Scabbia's voice is huge...arena rock huge. Her best performance yet. 4.0 -
16. Moonlit Sailor - We Come From Exploding Stars
(post rock) Pure, unique sounding post rock ala GIAA and EITS, you can get all their stuff FOR FREE on their BC page. 3.9 -
17. Morowe - S
(avantgarde/experimental/post black metal) This is some unique stuff. Hard to describe. Plenty of ideas and concepts (Krautrock, psych, and industrial) lathered together but in some sort of variance. 4.0 ↑
18. Nasheim - Solens Vemod
(atmospheric black metal) One-man band creating mystifying soundscapes making you feel like you are trudging through a dreamlike timberland. For fans of Fen and the like. 4.3 -
19. Näo - III
(industrial/electronic/post) Electronica and ambient textures braided with rich guitars and booming drums. The synthesizers are the strongest part of the music. 3.5 -
20. Nux Vomica - Nux Vomica
(experimental/post black metal) A really incredulous mixture of genres. Three loooong songs displaying an assortment of sludge, post, punk, black and psych ideas. You will need some serious stamina to trudge through them all. 3.8 -
21. Outwailed - Observant
(post metal) I love Isis clones and that's exactly what this is. Repeated musical themes and crescendo-style songs. Distortion. Scratchy howling vox. Love it. 4.2 -
22. Pet Slimmers Of The Year - Fragments Of Uniforms
(post metal) Just dam good instrumental (very sparse vocal content) post metal. Accessible guitar frameworks translate into very notable songs. The layered guitars add some real verve. 4.8 ↑
23. Plebeian Grandstand - Lowgazers
(crust punk/grindcore/sludge) Throw black metal, screamo, hardcore and whatever the fuck else you want into this metal potpourri of diabolical madness. Wow. 4.8 ↑
24. Relic Point - VIXI
(blackened sludge/doom) High quality release from Russia. Song structures are basically all the same but have enough tempo changes to hold your attention. Feel the hatred. 4.4 ↑
25. Revival Hymns - Pauho
(post rock/slowcore) Dream-like soundscapes and heavy interludes in perfect synchronization here. Tremendous song writing along with top notch production. 4.5 ↑
26. Rintrah - Salt Of The Earth
(post/psychedelic/prog metal) Interesting mix of genres. It's been done before but this still sounds refreshing. Reminds me of Baroness but a bit more evil. 4.0 -
27. Rolling Through The Universe - Machines In The Sky
(sludge/doom metal) Loud, drawn out and expansive, this shit from the oaks of the American Northwest is as dreary as their homeland. 4.1 -
28. Sleepstream - They Flew In Censored Skies
(instrumental post rock) Building on their debut, this post rock band from Greece has all the intangibles to hang with the big boys in the crowded "post" genre. 4.5 -
29. The Mire - Glass Cathedrals
(post/prog) Precise mixture of progressive metal's tight compositions and post metal's lush landscapes and aesthetic appeal. Waited 3 years for this. 3.7 -
30. The Sound Of Rescue - Forms
(instrumental post rock) 3 brothers playing this kind of spacey, astral, euphoric post rock. Ambient and atmospheric intervals make you want to lose yourself 4.4 ↓
31. These Are My Tombs - Morphosis
(post metal) Transcending and ardent songs that take you on the proverbial roller coaster of emotions. For fans of The Atlas Moth and Vestiges. 3.9 -
32. Thou - Heathen
(sludge/doom) Layers of organized guitar fuzz and deep, impenetrable bass and drums lay the ground work for some caustic sludge metal. Beware, it's heavy as fuck. 4.7 ↑
33. Tides Of Man - Young and Courageous
(instrumental post rock) SSDB, but this sticks out in the crammed post-rock crowd, probably because of the shade of prog metal camouflaged in the music. 3.8 -
34. Winds With Hands - Untitled
(instrumental post metal) Nothing ground breaking but I so love that Isis sound. A soothing semblance of dark, sullen atmosphere reverberates through the music. Plug in, sit back and chill. 4.6 -
35. Woods Of Desolation - As The Stars
(atmospheric black metal) First time listening to this band. Tremolo picked melodies lined in coarse, analog production. Gorgeous. Sounds so much like Fen. 4.6 ↑
36. Yarn Of Norna - Ronové
(atmospheric sludge metal) Along with Poland I think Russia is right in the midst of a post metal uprising. I like when bands trend back to that old CoL sound. Nothing fancy but powerful waves of layered guitars, deep bass and a man screaming his head off. 4.0 -
37. Yautja - Songs Of Descent
(death/grindcore/sludge metal) LoL, the songs are about a minute long! Seriously, wtf is this crap! Just when you get into a song, its done! But I will keep listening cause it pounds the hell out of me. 3.5 -

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Divergenceless - 12.02.2014 at 01:53  
Now these are the kind of releases I'm looking for. I'll check them out at the end of the week.

Nice start to the list, mate.
R'Vannith - 12.02.2014 at 14:05  
Some of these sound promising, judging from your words (an added bonus to your yearly list for sure!). I'll try Elysion first.
Pazdzioch - 12.02.2014 at 18:33  
Nothing "post" when it comes to WoD imo, simply atmo black.
Neiluria - 19.02.2014 at 17:03  
There are a lot of bands do not know That I in your list.
I'm curious, I'll pick a few
Rodney - 19.02.2014 at 23:31  
Nice to see so many off-site bands featured. I'll have to try and keep up with your list this year some good picks so far.
Monolithic - 26.02.2014 at 11:33  
Mourning Dawn, Jay. Mourning Dawn is missing.
Divergenceless - 06.03.2014 at 04:52  
Hmm nice choice for AOTY so far...I must admit that Dirge's newest didn't quite capture me entirely. I'd give it a solid 8 out of 10, but I thought the last half of it was awesome.
tea[m]ster - 07.03.2014 at 01:53  
Written by Divergenceless on 06.03.2014 at 04:52

Hmm nice choice for AOTY so far...I must admit that Dirge's newest didn't quite capture me entirely. I'd give it a solid 8 out of 10, but I thought the last half of it was awesome.

It lives up to my high expectations. I won't say too much more about it because I am working on a review for it

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