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Everything I find worthy found of (but not necessarily in) 2018.
I'm not an eclectic person. I listen to extreme metal, underground pop, electronic music and weird stuff. Even better if it's lo-fi weird stuff. Don't expect to find much out of that line here.

List in constant progress
Enjoy... Or not

Update: Now it's arranged in order of finding date instead of alphabetical, so the closer to the top, the later I found about the release. It keeps far easier to follow my new finds (if there are any followers, that is)

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Rättö Ja Lehtisalo - Kovaa Kamaa (02/03)
Dimmu Borgir - Eonian (04/05)
Thy Catafalque - Geometria (04/05)
Vampillia - Happiness Brought By Endless Sorrow (04/05)
Reverorum Ib Malacht - Im Ra Distare Summum Soveris Seris Vas Innoble (11/05)
The Body - I Have Fought Against It, But I Can't Any Longer. (11/05)
Dunnock - Little Stories Told By Ghosts (18/05)
Zeal And Ardor - Stranger Fruit (08/06)
Conan - Existential Void Guardian (31/08)
Battle Lolis - Tba (tba)
Mamaleek - Tba (tba)
Rosemount Hill - Waltz (tba)
Sear Bliss - Letters From The Edge (tba)

Created by: Karlabos | 01.01.2018

1. Pryapisme - Epic Loon OST
(ost/some kind of metal/pryapisme) i didn't google a gameplay of this to see how it looks but no matter how much i think about i really can't picture a game with this as a soundtrack. if you have listened to Pryapisme before you know what to expect
2. Dark Buddha Rising - II
(psychedelic doom) if i'm not sure these guys have some Oranssi Pazuzu members or something, so it's expected to be good. i could swear they were instrumental. though... maybe they added the vocals on this release only? what do i know? either way, this is quality psychedoom.
3. Szarfaszú Vizelet - Mágikussizmus
(experimental grindcore) this band keeps delivering
4. Sol Invictus - Necropolis
(neofolk) c'mon everybody knows Sol Invictus by now. this is the new album. with shorter songs and more varied songwriting i feel like it's better than some of their previous work, at least better than the ones i checked.
5. L'Homme Absurde - Sleepless
(depressive post black metal) this is a fine quality post black album with some sweet riffs. hints on what Forgotten Tomb would sound if they were a bit more post-ish.
6. Forest Of Grey - Crypsis
(psychedelic atmoblack) two track cascadian black ep. but instead of your typical wittr clone you get some clear psychedelic rock influences. the guitar sound almost bluesy which gives it all a 420 vibe.
7. Vantana Row - Vagina
(experimental cybergrind) i have the impression i was already aware of this band but forgot about it. anyway... this album is better listened to as one big thing rather than a compilation of 30 songs shorter than 40 seconds. i feel like most songs feel like a middle part of an epic cybergrind song done well, but of course there is never a beginning or a proper ending to each one. despite how everything makes you feel like it's a joke band, soundwise it's pretty good stuff. sounds like how Bubblegum Octopus would sound if it was more grindish
8. Ghost (USA) - Thanks to You Song That I Don't Understand How People Like It I'm Forced to Listen to This S​*​*​t Everyday Cause My F​*​*​*​ing Sister Plays This Every Time Without Getting Bored of Listening to It Thanks Ghost for This Piece of S​*​*​t You Introduced Into My Life
(dark cabaret/chiptune) interesting and catchy vocaloid cabaret (vocabaret?) in the vein of Machigerita-P or similar.
9. Fox Medicine - Greetings From Mars
(grunge/punk) i missed this band. if you like screamy female fronted lofi music in vein of old Yeah Yeah Yeahs you should go for this
10. Underøath - Erase Me
(emo) i don't always listen to grunge/emo/screamo/nu metal/alternative rock or related stuff mainly because often the vocals suck and the instrumentals almost don't vary from one record to another. Underoath is a nice exception though. The vocals here sound kinda punkish rather than alternativish, so with the addition of autotune they actually fit the style. plus the songwriting is good.
11. Tentenko - Like Speaking
(dungeon synth/chiptune) one more female fronted dungeon synth album by Tentenko. most songs are mainly instrumental, but it's still good. i feel like this one is very little repetitive compared to her other dungeon synth albums
12. Urbangarde - Shoujo Fiction
(jpop/dark cabaret/rock/electronic/fuckgenres/weird) wow i surely wasn't expecting a new Urbangarde album out of nowhere. gotta love these kinds of surprises
13. Kroda - Selbstwelt
(black metal) this sounds a lot more like early Kroda, slightly folky melodic black metal with inspired melodies and long songs.
14. Panopticon - The Scars Of Man On The Once Nameless Wilderness
(atmoblack) the mix is a bit iffy and it seems to have less bluegrass than i anticipated. but it's still a good listen overall
15. Suncastle - Original Son
(braindance/trance) this is one of those psychedelic albums you should put as background music when you are doing something.
16. Borgne - [∞]
(industrial dissonant black) was Borgne always so badass and i forgot how good they sounded? or maybe it is just this album... either way, i love this. it sounds a bit like Darkspace except you can understand what is going on
17. World's End Girlfriend - Meguri
(instrumental/post rock/ambient) just a short ep but it is WEG, so... it belongs here
18. Primordial - Exile Amongst The Ruins
(folk metal) i never cared much about this band, mostly because i listened to an album once and quite didn't like it... that was so long ago though, my change tasted so much ever since... so i should probably revisit their stuff. it should be pretty good if they sounded like this album.
19. Moe Shop - Moe Moe
(electrofunk) while we don't have the new Chet Brocker we can satisfy our hunger for cute electrofunk with Moe Shop! and woah, the beats are sick.
20. Ledas - My Spirit Around Me Night And Day
(ambient black) i can't hear a single thing... i love it.
21. The Molds - Black Mold
(lofi punk) this is one of those albums which are so lofi you can barely understand what is going on. i hear some loud and sweet deep tuned guitar above all the mix and all the rest including the vocals is blending perfectly in a blur below the main instrument. if lofi is your thing definitely go for it
22. Hardcore Anal Hydrogen - Hypercut
(experimental grindcore) omg, i forgot how good this band was. albeit experimental and weird and goofy and grindcore this album is coherent and sometimes even moody. those were some four years worthy waiting
23. Esoctrilihum - Pandaemorthium (Forbidden Formulas To Awaken The Blind Sovereigns Of Nothingness)
(avantgarde death) it's been a while since i've sat to listen through an entire cavernous death metal album, it's been getting pretty boring lately. but this record here has enough interesting elements to be enjoyable all the way through. sounds like something between Aevangelist and Anthropomorphic Soul
24. Owl - Orion Fenix
(atmospheric death) this is relaxing.it started a bit iffy, but the end surely compensates it
25. GosT - Possessor
(dark electro/retrowave) i always thought Gost is a bit to the smooth side. but this album has really harsh and rhytmical beats most of the time. also there is a couple of metal guitars thrown here and there, which makes it very enjoyable to listen to
26. Black Astrology - Abyss Of Chaos
(black metal with electronic influences) reminds me of Astarte. the vocals mostly. except that there are some electronic bits. the premise is very good, but after listening to the whole thing it feels it lacks a bit on the electronic side.
27. Puke Slave Dominated - Now Press X To Finish Everything
(chiptune/midi grindcore) because an album doesn't need to be good to be enjoyable, right...?
28. Qntal - VIII - Nachtblume
(electrofolk/darkwave) following the same line of the previous albums, but this one has a bit more of electronic and less ethereal folk music, which is quite good, i'd say. it sort of reminds me of the only actual good Mortiis album "the smell of rain"
29. Cascadian Lightfall - Fires Of Summer
(atmoblack) atmoblack isn't about putting something interesting on the song or making the most innovative album ever. sometimes you just need to come up with a riff and repeat it for over 10 minutes under a murky synth and play some piano notes and that's it. it turns out it's all about how you mix the things up
30. Dirty Shirt - FolkCore DeTour
(avantgarde folk metal) sounds like Diablo Swing Orchestra if the swing was replaced with romanian folk.
31. Drudkh - Їм Часто Сниться Капіж (They Often See Dreams About The Spring)
(atmoblack) like Drudkh needed any description
32. ともビッチ - らん・らん・らんし
(hip hop) i'm a sucker for all kinds of hip hop which doesn't have your typical gangsta wannabe deep unoriginal voice so this is not an exception. quality hip hop/rap with nice background synths and soft female vocals
33. Slugdge - Esoteric Malacology
(extreme metal) typical Slugdge release. some death metal. some black metal. some extreme prog. some sludge... basically some metal.
34. おきしじん - かればなに
(shoegaze) jazzy and moody shoegaze done well. soothing and gazy yet somehow not neutral.
35. Computer Magic - Danz
(retropop) this is one of those albums where it seems you are listening to the same song during the entire thing not because the songs sound the same (which they don't) but because everything is placed so perfectly together. it's also hard to drop it on the middle of the listen because it engages you in such manner. well, i wouldn't expect less of Danz
36. The Will Of Tiamat - The Hatred
(dissonant black) very different from what this band has been doing lately. sounds like a dissonant post/experimental black thing in the vein of other bands on the genre. still quite enjoyable
37. Untamed Land - Between The Winds
(spaghetti western epic black) i would like to point this album for everyone who thinks doing epic black is copying Summoning
38. Arkona - Khram
(black) it turns out this is actually good. probably because there's little to no folk here.
39. Wintaar - St
(atmoblack) nowadays i find it hard to sit through a whole atmoblack album without getting bored by the crappy songwriting it often has. doesn't happen on this record. it actually reminds me of those good russian records on the same genre like Drudkh, Ygg, etc (mainly etc) back when actually trying when doing atmoblack still was a thing. recommended for fans of the good part of the genre
40. Kero Kero Bonito - Totep
(experimental pop) so it turns out my favorite bubblegum bass band is now experimental pop. not sure how i feel about that. the ep is obviously enjoyable (since it's on the list) but i can't help but to keep thinking they could do more bubblegum bass instead
41. Yokan System - Whispering
(retropop) sounds like what japanese pop used to sound on the 80s back with the new wave influence, except that done with nowadays synths.
42. Poppel - Enter​.​.​. The Numinous Realm
(chiptune/blackened dungeon synth) while i can not take this seriously it still intrigues me throughout the listen. it's not everyday you can listen to blackened dungeon synth made with chiptune noises
43. Thieves By The Code - Ava's Revenge
(progressive rock/punk rock) this is a genuine mashup of progressive rock and punk rock, the new-wavish, almost deathrockinsh kind. i've listened to some so called progpunks before but the genre was never as clear as this
44. Master's Hammer - Fascinator
(black metal) not as experimental as the almighty Mantras but it's still better than Formulae, because that one was too... Formulaeic! get it? formulaic!
45. Akatsuki Isuzu - Muddy Past Times
(folk) unlike most instrumental folk here the songs are upbeat and rather quick, also they are different from each other and there is a lot of stuff going on on each one. now i know these characteristics should be pretty standard but trust me, when the subject is instrumental folk it often isn't... anyway, i think this record sounds somewhat like Hiroki Kikuta or Sei Mutsuki, and the more music like those two the better
46. Q'uq'umatz - Kukulkan
(avantgarde progressive folk metal) i often despise instrumental music because it almost always lacks some kick which draws my attention to it. it definitely is not what happens here. there is so much weirdness going on that you won't really need the attention spam. for those already familiar with Q'uq'umatz it follows the same line as his other albums, except that instrumental
47. White Hilss & Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand - Desire
(krautrock) female fronted bassy krautrock. what kind of more info do you need?
48. Yasutaka Nakata - Digital Native
(jpop) if you are into Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Colthemonika, etc (mainly etc) you might already know what these guys all have in common: that's right, their producer is all the one and only Yasutaka Nakata, and this is his solo album. it follows more of a western line of pop with hints of trance and dubstep, though still not losing his overall trademark sound
49. Kinoco Hotel - Kainarasarenai Onna Tachi
(jpop) to describe, i think it's similar to the weird side of the jpop scene, like Oomori Seiko, Urbangarde, et all, it kinda seems there are some rock'n roll influences thrown here and there which is pretty cool. plus hammond organ fest always gets me no matter the genre =p
50. Mariusz Jan Gosiński (Msyribmoz) - Great G
(blackened grindcore/chiptune) there are a lot of bands which wish they'd merge chiptune and black metal. most consist on only lame instrumental covers which i can do (and better) by merely using one of those 8-bit song transformers you find online or something. this thing here is different. it's not all 8-bit, but a lot of industrial stuff going on, the metal and 8bit parts are very well merged. to tell how it sounds, i'd say it's like Fullmoon Bongzai if it didn't have vocals and had chiptune elements.
51. Hatsune Kaidan - Noisy Killer
(jpop/power electronics) one more for my fellow underground genre fusion collectors
52. Nêuvegramme - St
(hardcore) if black metal invita armata wrote a hardcore album.
53. A Pregnant Light - Lucky All My Life
(post hardcore) lofi production is on point, riffs more nostalgic than ever, that's good post hardcore for you.
54. Howling Sycamore - Howling Sycamore
(experimental progressive) this is sort of a supergroup with guys of Obscura and Ephel Duath as well as some guest musicians of Yakuza, Gorguts, etc. i often associate these vocals with the unnecessarily stale genre that power metal is, but man, i love it when avantgarde bands use them. it just serves to show power metal vocalists should be experimenting more
55. 鈴木O - 素描
(classical/ambient) i hate classical music. i hate it because there is little to no heartpumping passages and when there are any you have to sit through an hour of building up just for that single moment. it is exactly the opposite of what happens on this record, which is more like an ambient (or dark ambient?) album made with classical instruments. here the ecstasy is everywhere to be found and all on shorter than three minute songs. now if classical music was more like that, that would be ace
56. A_jiki - Milk Machines
(lofi jpop/denpa/juke) ever since this was released i wake up with either song of the album in my head. i don't know if this is the aoty or what but it's definitely the most remarkable album so far
57. Portal - Ion
(techdeath) oh i missed these guys. the same echoing vocals, the same tremolo guitars, the same song structure mess, it hasn't changed at all. and for those complaining about the production on this one, well... your mom has bad production
58. Hanako - Hanako & Liście
(screamo/drone/blackened hardcore) one of those crushing albums mixing all the crushing genres. it's a plus when it comes with sick riffs like that
59. Jute Gyte/Spectral Lore - Helian
(experimental black metal) zomg i love Jute Gyte's microtonal guitar. his side is as chaotic as always. and even Spectral Lore's track is not bland. it's actually a slow song with a trippy solo guitar as main instrument plus some nice vocals
60. Fyrce Muons - Fractures Of Light: A Suicide
(post punk/krautrock) gotta love random genre mashups
61. Tribulation - Down Below
(gothic rock) cheesy goth rock with some harsh vocals.
62. Excusemei'mlost - Respiratory Opression
(avantgarde black) lofi black with some clean nasal vocals and very poor production which is so weird you are going to question yourself whether it's actually black metal. so basically it's Burzukh?
63. Delaying The Inevitable - St
(shoegaze/dsbm) i wish shoegaze and dsbm weren't such a turn-off like it is just because 95% of the bands on the genre turned it to shit. if only more bands wrote stuff like that perhaps it wouldn't be the case
64. Ojaco - CHANNEL Vol I
(juke/experimental electronic) i don't frequently list short albums or singles, but that first song tho...
65. The Will Of Tiamat - Семя Дьявола
(black metal) very few black metal and black metal only acts have been catching my attention lately, but Will Of Tiamat is one of them. what a fine songwriting these guys have
66. Vox Celeste - Don't Listen The Radio
(proggaze) yes. you read that tag correctly
67. Kikuo - Kikuo Miku 5
(electronic) for some reason Kikuo is one of those bands which i disregarded for being too famous on the genre (which almost always means it is an average band) and this is my first time actually listening to it. turns out it really is good, yep
68. Ophiuchi - Bifurcaria Bifurcata
(experimental black) interesting experimental raw bm which reminds me of Q'uq'umatz
69. Sawneek - 甘い話だけどややこしい!
(pop/metalcore) it begins as a sweet mix of pop and metalcore and ends inclining more to the pop side. if you are into Miku and weeb stuff it should make you smile
70. Sinistro - Sangue Cássia
(doom) female fronted doom (or is it post?) metal with actual songwriting
71. Harakiri For The Sky - Arson
(post black) it's the new HftS album. it sounds like HftS, except maybe a bit more refined
72. Hyperdimension! - OhDrearyWearyRedEyes
(post rock) instrumental post with melody all over the place (legend says it has touhou music on it but i couldn't catch any except for one bit here or there) if instrumental post was more like that i could see it becoming of my fav genres
73. Arkheth - 12 Winter Moons Comes The Witches Brew
(avantgarde black) there are some really good moments on this one. it sounds like Kitties Of Death sometimes and like Transcending Bizarre? someothertimes
74. Kekal - Deeper Underground
(experimental extreme progressive) if you don't know Kekal yet and/or don't like it i don't know what you are doing here

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The first and last ones, 鈴木O and Kekal might interest me will check it out. And Fyrce Muons too cuz I dig krautrock.
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"and for those complaining about the production on this one, well... your mom has bad production"


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