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Everything I find worthy found of (but not necessarily in) 2018.
I'm not an eclectic person. I listen to extreme metal, underground pop, electronic music and weird stuff. Even better if it's lo-fi weird stuff. Don't expect to find much out of that line here.

List in constant progress
Enjoy... Or not

Update: Now it's arranged in order of finding date instead of alphabetical, so the closer to the top, the later I found about the release. It keeps far easier to follow my new finds (if there are any followers, that is)

Created by: Karlabos | 01.01.2018

1. 鈴木O - 素描
(classical/ambient) i hate classical music. i hate it because there is little to no heartpumping passages and when there are any you have to sit through an hour of building up just for that single moment. it is exactly the opposite of what happens on this record, which is more like an ambient (or dark ambient?) album made with classical instruments. here the ecstasy is everywhere to be found and all on shorter than three minute songs. now if classical music was more like that, that would be ace
2. A_jiki - Milk Machines
(denpa/juke) yes. these genres exist
3. Portal - Ion
(techdeath) oh i missed these guys. the same echoing vocals, the same tremolo guitars, the same song structure mess, it hasn't changed at all. and for those complaining about the production on this one, well... your mom has bad production
4. Hanako - Hanako & Liście
(screamo/drone/blackened hardcore) one of those crushing albums mixing all the crushing genres. it's a plus when it comes with sick riffs like that
5. Jute Gyte/Spectral Lore - Helian
(experimental black metal) zomg i love Jute Gyte's microtonal guitar. his side is as chaotic as always. and even Spectral Lore's track is not bland. it's actually a slow song with a trippy solo guitar as main instrument plus some nice vocals
6. Fyrce Muons - Fractures Of Light: A Suicide
(post punk/krautrock) gotta love random genre mashups
7. Tribulation - Down Below
(gothic rock) cheesy goth rock with some harsh vocals.
8. Excusemei'mlost - Respiratory Opression
(avantgarde black) lofi black with some clean nasal vocals and very poor production which is so weird you are going to question yourself whether it's actually black metal. so basically it's Burzukh?
9. Delaying The Inevitable - St
(shoegaze/dsbm) i wish shoegaze and dsbm weren't such a turn-off like it is just because 95% of the bands on the genre turned it to shit. if only more bands wrote stuff like that perhaps it wouldn't be the case
10. Ojaco - CHANNEL Vol I
(juke/experimental electronic) i don't frequently list short albums or singles, but that first song tho...
11. The Will Of Tiamat - Семя Дьявола
(black metal) very few black metal and black metal only acts have been catching my attention lately, but Will Of Tiamat is one of them. what a fine songwriting these guys have
12. Vox Celeste - Don't Listen The Radio
(proggaze) if the tag doesn't make you intrigued it means you aren't into experimental, which means you are browsing the wrong list
13. Kikuo - Kikuo Miku 5
(electronic) for some reason Kikuo is one of those bands which i disregarded for being too famous on the genre (which almost always means it is an average band) and this is my first time actually listening to it. turns out it really is good, yep
14. Ophiuchi - Bifurcaria Bifurcata
(experimental black) interesting experimental raw bm which reminds me of Q'uq'umatz
15. Sawneek - 甘い話だけどややこしい!
(pop/metalcore) it begins as a sweet mix of pop and metalcore and ends inclining more to the pop side. if you are into Miku and weeb stuff it should make you smile
16. Sinistro - Sangue Cássia
(doom) female fronted doom (or is it post?) metal with actual songwriting
17. Harakiri For The Sky - Arson
(post black) it's the new HftS album. it sounds like HftS, except maybe a bit more refined
18. Hyperdimension! - OhDrearyWearyRedEyes
(post rock) instrumental post with melody all over the place (legend says it has touhou music on it but i couldn't catch any except for one bit here or there) if instrumental post was more like that i could see it becoming of my fav genres
19. Arkheth - 12 Winter Moons Comes The Witches Brew
(avantgarde black) there are some really good moments on this one. it sounds like Kitties Of Death sometimes and like Transcending Bizarre? someothertimes
20. Kekal - Deeper Underground
(experimental extreme progressive) if you don't know Kekal yet and/or don't like it i don't know what you are doing here

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21.01.2018 - 20:15
The Psilosopher
The first and last ones, 鈴木O and Kekal might interest me will check it out. And Fyrce Muons too cuz I dig krautrock.
21.01.2018 - 21:05
Esoteric Zachism
"and for those complaining about the production on this one, well... your mom has bad production"

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