2004-  Ísak Petersen - bass
2004-  Leon Borum Hanson - vocals
2005-  John Ivar Venned - guitar
2005-  Kim Joensen - drums
2009-  Pól Jespersen - guitar, vocals
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2004  Andre Lenvig - guitar
2004-2005  Martin Rói Villhelmsen - drums
2004-2008  John Egholm - guitar
2004-2010  Bjartur Fríði Clementsen - keyboard
2008-2009  Jannik Gade - guitar
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2011  Bjarni Lisberg - keyboard
2010  Esmar Joensen - keyboard

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Nostalgia pieces, avante-garde, experimental. It seems there's always an angle these days. What's wrong with a some straight forward aggression and solid riffs? Nothing. Let's not be misunderstood here, Synarchy write some intricate and thoughtfully constructed metal, but the delivery is just nice and simple.   Review by Doc G. ››


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