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Also known as Грай, Graj, Raven Blood, Vorog

Country: Russia
Label: Noizgate Records

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Formed in: 2005

2005- Folk metal


Current members:
NA-  Rimma "Voronia" - keyboards, vocals
NA-  Andrei Smirnov - drums
NA-  Yuri "Sadist" Bedusenko - bass, growls
NA-  Ruzveld - guitar
2009-  Aliya "Leta" Latypova - vocals, flute, bagpipes
2010-  Irina Zybina - vocals


News / Concerts / Interviews

16.09.2014 POL, Warsaw (1)
17.09.2014 POL, Gdańsk
18.09.2014 POL, Toruń
19.09.2014 POL, Poznań
20.09.2014 POL, Szczecin
23.09.2014 GER, Rostock
25.09.2014 GER, München
26.09.2014 CZE, Prague
27.09.2014 CZE, Brno
28.09.2014 AUT, Vienna
29.09.2014 SVK, Bratislava
30.09.2014 SVK, Banská Bystrica
01.10.2014 CZE, Ostrava
02.10.2014 POL, Wrocław
03.10.2014 POL, Kraków
04.10.2014 POL, Zabrze

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