Destinity - Synthetic Existence review


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Band: Destinity
Album: Synthetic Existence
Release date: September 2005

01. At The End
02. In Nuclear Light
03. Ex Nihilo
04. Fanatic God Machine
05. Evolution : Devilution
06. Deconstruction Of Times
07. Deshumanized Nature
08. Neurotic Illness
09. Synthetic Existence

What a metamorphose and damn, what a great one. I remember that the precedent album of this French band wasn't bad but not so original but this time let me tell you that Destinity just produced something that will probably surprised a lot of people. This time, we're not in front of a basic symphonic Black Metal mixed with Death Metal, no, "Synthetic Existence" is a lot more original and you'll learn why in this review.

The principal difference between "Synthetic Existence" and the precedent release "In Excelesis Dementia" comes from the fact that the new album is a lot more original and above all varied. When "In Excelesis Dementia" was only a simple Symphonic Black album without a lot of originality, "Synthetic Existence" is at the opposite full of variations and different tendencies. Here, you'll be able to find Black sonorities, Death Metal orientations too but also, Thrash rhythms and synthetic sounds. At the end, this album reminds me some good old Avant-Gardist combos that knew how to produce something new.

But if I need to talk about the music itself, and if I need to do a good description, you will have to know that the majority of the songs are fast and aggressive, with some grunts, "blacky" vocal and even clean ones. Also note that the songs aren't so "Black" this time, it's evidently always symphonic but it's clearly Death and the rhythms are not so far away of Thrash and it's evidently a big change for the band. As well, the "Indus" sonorities (that's the reason why I talk about "avant garde metal") are a lot more present this time, through sometime it's maybe a bit too much but in general it's enjoyable and you'll see that it give a lot of originality to the composition.

With a magisterial production, that's not really surprising when you know that the CD was recorded and mixed at Hansen studio "Synthetic Existence" is a real success. If you like Death, Black, Thrash, Indus, and well if you're a bit open minded there is no risk with this album, you'll love it. This is a great confirmation and one of the best release of the French Metal scene for 2005.

Written by Jeff | 20.10.2005


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