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Sometimes, samples can improve the atmosphere of a song just as much as the instruments (or even more). This is a compilationn of some of my favorite samples in metal. I'm trying to keep it one album per band but exceptions are just fine. Oh yeah, I forgot something: I'm not gonna be too specific about where these samples are. It's way more interesting to discover them on your own!

Recommendations are welcome! Just don't get upset if I don't like them. D:
Please write band AND album.

Rec's awaiting evaluation:
N.K.V.D. - Vlast
Will Haven - Voir Dire
The Monolith Deathcult - Trivmvirate
Necrophagia - Deathtrip 69
Cathedral - The Carnival Bizarre
Ævangelist - De Masticatione Mortuorum In Tumulis
Fantômas - Delirium Cordia
Metallica - Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, ...And Justice For All
Deicide - Legion
Cathedral - The Carnival Bizarre
Tool - Lateralus, Ænima
Impaled - Mondo Medicale
Queens Of The Stone Age - Queens Of The Stone Age
Immortal - Sons of Northern Darkness
Heathen - Victims Of Deception
Fear Factory - Demanufacture
White Zombie
Strapping Young Lad - City
Static-X - Wisconsin Death Trip
Nailbomb - Point Blank
Impetigo - Horror Of The Zombies
Lamb Of God - Ashes Of The Wake
Buzz*Oven - ...At A Loss
Toxik - Think This
Hell - Human Remains
Machine Head - Burn My Eyes
Bolt Thrower - Mercenary
The Ruins Of Beverast - Unlock The Shrine, Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite
Agalloch - Faustian Echoes
Alrakis - Alpha Eri
Blacklodge - Solarkult

Created by: Mr. Doctor | 22.12.2013

1. Aborted - Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage Done
"The doctor will be seeing you...". Very cheesy line but it works just fine as an opening to this brutal album (and one of their best songs).
2. Abruptum - Potestates Apocalypsis
Distant chants, hopeless patriotic songs, scraping iron, the sound of bullets and tanks tearing apart the earth, and the desolate wind that is left after everything is dead.
3. Acid Bath - When The Kite String Pops
Clockwork Orange couldn't be more appropiate for the last song of this insane album.
4. Agalloch - The Mantle
Samples from the classic "The Seventh Seal" and the cult "Fando y Lis". I just love how it turned out to be samples in both swedish and spanish. Made for me!
5. Ahab - The Call Of The Wretched Sea
The sound of thunder and the deranged cries of the captain.
6. Anaal Nathrakh - Domine Non Es Dignus
When you think the music can't crush you any further... 1984 comes along.
7. Brujeria - Raza Odiada
Some obligatory non-serious example.The intro is more effective if you are familiar with south american culture and spanish. Tongue in cheek stuff. Don't mess with the satanic narcos!
8. Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
Cheesy as hell but so ridicuously epic and classic that I can't exclude "Demon's Gate"'s intro.
9. Chaos Moon - Languor Into Echoes, Beyond
Bringing down the futility of everything like few others with that sample from "Memento".
10. Dark Lunacy - The Diarist
The melancholic russian chants, the sirens, the writing machine, the discourses, the distressing sounds of war and various forms of human suffering certainly give extra power to this concept album about the siege of Leningrad. The children choir at the end is heartbreaking.
11. Diapsiquir - Virus STN
Adding insanity into this satanic trip through shitty streets with the sounds of crying babies, cheerful childhood songs, random vomit here and there.
12. Electric Wizard - Dopethrone
From ridiculous "save your childrens from metal" tv shows to misanthropic comments from a movie(?) which name I can't find.
13. Esoteric - The Pernicious Enigma
Displaying the desperation from one of my favorite movies of all time (Scent of a woman).
14. Eyehategod - Take As Needed For Pain
15. Funeral Mist - Salvation
Creepy barking dogs, choirs, prayers and music from an old film. if you know the name of the movie (ending of the last song btw), please let me know.
16. Fungoid Stream - Oceanus
These guys basically one-up'd Ahab by making a song around a real whale song.
17. Gnaw Their Tongues - An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood
No list about samples would be complete without an example of Mories brilliant work. I love the insane (and real) interrogation sample. Terrifying.
18. Godflesh - Streetcleaner
While we are already talking about interrogations. Here's another one brought to you by Henry Lee Lucas!
19. Igorrr - Moisissure
Impossible to choose just one from this artist, but if I must... I think I'll go with the altered version of an old 20's song on "Brutal Swing".
20. Immolation - Close To A World Below
"Didn't you say Jesus was coming?"... After that, Immolation send him right back to hell.
21. Katatonia - Brave Murder Day
I never use samples, but when I do... I choose a great one from Shining!
22. Life Of Agony - River Runs Red
A great concept based only on samples scattered throughout the album. A rather frustrating listening from a dysfunctional home.
23. Lifelover - Pulver
Just like Diapsiquir, we get a handful of low-life sounds together with children songs, girls having sex and one of the most cheerful moments at the end fo the album.
24. Lurker Of Chalice - Lurker Of Chalice
Oh my, this is it... Where to start with this one: Distressing crows, a chilling sample from the Omen, and let's not even start with "This Blood Falls As Mortal, Pt. 3"... Simply overwhelming.
25. Ministry - Rio Grande Blood
The manipulated samples from George W. Bush just crack me up every single time.
26. Murmuüre - Murmuüre
Due to the extremely organic feeling of this album. Catching up specific sounds is a hard task but the constant sound of insects will forever stay with you.
27. Neurosis - Enemy Of The Sun
"Are you lost?" "...Yes" A great way to start the album, discussing the feeling of limitless time in our lifes.
28. Panopticon - Kentucky
A call to arms to better working conditions for the miners. Simple words from simple people. Stay together and you will defeat them all!
29. Paradise Lost - Draconian Times
Do you really know what "sorry" means? Because judging by "Forever Failure", Charles Manson doesn't know what it means.
30. Peste Noire - L'Ordure A L'Etat Pur
A big part of the joy I get from this album is from the (mostly) ridiculous samples. Wolves, crazy chickes, silly sword fights, cheesy loading of guns, and what appears to be a porno(?).
31. Pig Destroyer - Prowler In The Yard
"No. No. No. This is beautiful. This is art."
32. Shining - IV - The Eerie Cold
The ending with the American Psycho sample is great and all... But the telling of a life backwards in the title track is simply amazing.
33. The Amenta - n0n
The girl talking in "Skin" sounds as hot as she sounds dirty and disturbing... Maybe there's something wrong with me . D:
34. Theatre Of Tragedy - Velvet Darkness They Fear
Easily in my top 5 of best samples EVER. These guys really knew how to use the samples from "The Masque of the Red Death" in the song "And When He Falleth". Many bands just put the sample on top without thinking too much about it but here you can hear how the music was written around the dialogue, making the message stronger.
35. Today Is The Day - Temple Of The Morning Star
Because we need more samples of girls talking about their lesbian experiences.
36. Torsofuck - Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy
"Raped By Elephants"... Seriously, there's nothing more to say about this album. Hilarious shit (no pun intended).
37. Type O Negative - World Coming Down
Sinus, Liver, and Lung. Those three interludes display three different ways to die due to a certain addiction. Quite a shivering listen.
38. Woburn House - Message To Ourselves Outside The Dreaming Machine
Post metal band from Germany. The album starts with "River" and sets the mood perfectly with a sample from the movie "Waking Life" with a man discussing the dissapointing state of humanity due to our fear and laziness.
39. Woburn House - Monstrous Manoeuvres In The Mushroom Maze
I just had to make another slot for this album. The song Oil perfectly uses the famous speech from the mad Tv guy from the classic movie "Network".
40. Wormrot - Abuse
Because FUCK pigs...

Disclaimer: All top lists are unofficial and do not represent the point of view of the MS Staff.
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Mr. Doctor - 03.06.2014 at 18:09  
Written by Ilham on 03.06.2014 at 18:04

Written by Mr. Doctor on 03.06.2014 at 17:58

I only know them by name and a review from mah man Lucas. I'll remind myself to finally check them out. if I did, it was aeons ago.

Noooo, Lucas doesn't like Blacklodge, don't listen to what he says. He was already in his doom/drone period when he wrote that one. I remember arguing with him about it. It's definitely something you have to listen to if you like Diapsiquir. It's a lot more techo/industrial though. Some say Login:SataN is better than Solarkult, but I disagree.

Hhahaha don't worry. I know when to not listen to my music pals. For example... Joe thinks Diapsiquir is shit. xD
Ilham - 03.06.2014 at 18:11  
Written by Mr. Doctor on 03.06.2014 at 18:09

Hhahaha don't worry. I know when to not listen to my music pals. For example... Joe thinks Diapsiquir is shit. xD

Seriously? He does? I just lost a huge chunk of respect for the bloke, if I had any in the first place. Haha. That's most probably because he doesn't understand the lyrics. Honestly, if I didn't know what was going on in that album, I would like it half as much.

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